Board of Directors Job Description

as adopted by the Texas Chapter of the ACP BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Basic Role

  • The Board sets policy and provides overall leadership for the Texas Chapter of the ACP, including the mission, goals, priorities and resource allocation.

  • The Board ensures accountability for all resources by establishing goals, developing a strategic plan, and monitoring the progress of the plan in relationship to the goals and budget.

  • Board members act on behalf of all Texas ACP members. They have the responsibility to be well informed about issues before the Board and the association, actively involve themselves in Board decision-making and support Board decisions.

  • Board members have no corporate authority as individuals, only when they are part of officially called meetings.

  • Board members are personally accountable for fulfilling all duties and responsibilities.

Duties and Responsibilities

Board members have the following broad duties:

  • To attend Board meetings and actively participate in the decision-making process.

  • To prepare for each board meeting by carefully studying the agenda and supporting matierals.

  • To advise the president or executive director when attendance at a Board meeting or activity is not possible.

  • To clarify and sustain the Texas Chapter of the ACP's vision, mission, and values.

  • To provide information, ideas and suggestions from the membership to the Board and communicate the activities and ideas of the Board to the members.

  • To participate actively in the deliberations of issues relevant to the medical society management profession.

  • To represent and promote the Texas Chapter of the ACP to the profession by maintaining a working knowledge of the chapters operations and services.

  • To represent the chapter by identification as a Board member and acting as ambassador for the chapter when attending other meetings.

  • To approve and support the financial and program goals established in the yearly operating budget to assure the Texas ACP's financial stability.

  • To participate in establishing the strategic plan and act as a spokesperson to support and communicate the plan's goals and objectives to the membership.

  • To actively recruit new members.

  • To identify members who are not serving on committees and task forces, and encourage their involvement.

  • To welcome new members as assigned and report results to the Texas Chapter.

  • To contact delinquent members as assigned and report results to the Texas Chapter.

  • To serve, as assigned by the president, on Board committees or on special task forces of the Board.

  • To attend all social events at the Annual Conference.

  • To attend the chapter receptions at ACP meetings.

  • To finance their own participation as a Board member.

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Member Feedback Requested on ACP Resolutions

The 2019 Fall BOG Meeting is in September and members are encouraged to provide feedback via chapter survey by August 31.

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Texas Chapter Annual Scientific Meeting
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