1. Residents and Students:

    Congratulations to GIMSPP Students Elizabeth Nguyen and Shivani Mehta of the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine in Fort Worth on your recent journal publication in The Southern Medical Association Journal: Colon Cancer Screening in Concierge Practice. Congrats also to preceptors, Dr. Scott Yates, Dr. Keith Schrader and Dr. Michael Martin. Read More

  2. Advocacy:

    “Patients need to have coverage and access and existing gaps need to be closed, but they need other things, too.  They need an effective health care system that puts their health and well-being first,” said ACP President, Jack Ende, MD, MACP.  “Our paper offers specific policies to make this happen.” Read More


  3. On Being A Doctor:

    Congratulations Roshni Ray, Author of Reflections, awarded the 2018 Andy Diehl on Being a Doctor Award.

    ...“I think it’s always like playing dress up,” he said, smiling, “it’s impossible to know everything, but it is always possible to care.” Those words serve as a mantra for me. I think it is relatively easy to sink into a sense of nihilism in medical school. Everyday I go to school excited to learn and come back confused by a new system. I came to medicine, in part, because I loved understanding the science – the why and the how of our bodies.  read the full essay here





  4. Foundation:

    Dedicated to building the future of Internal Medicine, the TXACP Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) corporation, is an organization that operates exclusively for educational and charitable purpose. The mission of the Foundation represents the goals of the internal medicine physician profession; to foster knowledge and philanthropy that enhances quality health care in Texas.  Find out how you may support Resident and Medical Student activities through the foundation. Click here to learn more.